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Whitehall Biological Weed Control and Insectary Development Institute

Bugs With An Attitude is a trainer workshop created by Todd Breitenfeldt and Mike Battaiola for teachers and agencies. The Whitehall Biological Weed Control and Insectary Development Institute operates out of Whitehall, Montana. The Institute and personal efforts by Mike and Todd are largely responsible for integrated weed management and insectary programs in high schools, plus collaborative insectaries on public, tribal, and private lands in the northwestern United States.

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* Background - An Interview With Todd Breitenfeldt
* Problem - Problem With Weeds
* Weeds - What Is A Weed
* Insects - Biological Background, Rearing Insects, and Insectary Construction
* Collection - Collection, Release, Monitoring, Insect Information
* Transport - Collection, Sorting, Counting and Packaging
* USDA - APHIS - APHIS Biocontrol Information
* Curriculum - Teacher Curriculum, State Resources, Contacts
* Grants - Grants, Job Descriptions, Tool Lists
* Case Studies - Library of Lessons Learned
* PowerPoint - How To Start A Project


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