Xanthogaleruca luteola

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Authors: Van Driesche, R.G., J.H. LaForest, C.T. Bargeron, R.C. Reardon, and M. Herlihy. 2012. Forest Pest Insects in North America: a Photographic Guide. USDA Forest Service. Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team. Morgantown, WV. FHTET-2012-02.

Hexapoda (including Insecta)
X. luteola
Scientific Name
Xanthogaleruca luteola
(Müller, 1766)
Scientific Name Synonyms
Galerucela luteola
(Müller, 1766)
Pyrrhalta luteola
(Müller, 1766)
Chrysomela luteola
(Müller, 1766)
Common Names
elm leaf beetle

Orientation to Pest

Elm leaf beetle, Xanthogaleruca luteola (Müller), is an introduced insect in North America of European or Asian origin that feeds on elms (Ulmus). It overwinters as an adult in protected locations. Eggs are laid in clusters on elm leaves and larvae feed as leaf skeletonizers, while adults produce shot-hole damage to leaves. Eggs are pointed, rather than oval in outline. Pupation occurs at the base of infested trees. Two generations may occur per year.

Hosts Commonly Attacked

This beetle feeds on various imported or native elms (Ulmus), and is important as a pest of American elm (Ulmus americana L.)


Oomyzus gallerucae (Fonscolombe) (=Tetrastichus gallerucae [Boy]) is an introduced egg parasitoid of elm leaf beetle that is found in Missouri, where it is of major importance, and in California. The tachinid Erynniopsis antennata (Rondani) is an introduced larval parasitoid of elm leaf beetle that is established in California and of moderate importance there.

Biological Control Agents

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