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Editing Invasipedia

     Getting started: An introduction to editing and contributing
     Advanced editing: Further information on syntax and special markups
     Templates: Editing templates–The only template in use yet.
     Playing well with others: Wiki editiquette and conflict management
     Playground: A place to experiment with editing.
     Future features: Invasipedia currently needs improvement in the following realms–expect improvement soon. Do you have some other favorite wiki functionality that should be added here?
           Markers identifying pages or sections as “stubs” or “needing improvement”, etc.
           Talk or discussion page functionality for each page, so disagreements can be managed off the main pages.
           Improved captioning for figures.
           A method for managing the image library.
           A proper method of citing references that automatically compiles bibliographies at the page bottoms.

Playing well

     Resources for editors
           Give Yourself Credit
           Making Minor Edits
           Guide to Advanced Edits
           Play and Experiment
           Managing Conflicts and Playing Well with Others

Resources for editors Give Yourself Credit

As mentioned above, Invasipedia is a venture which depends upon work by credible contributors. While it is not necessary for you to log in to make edits, it is preferred that you do so. Once you have logged in, add your name to the list of editors! Making Minor Edits

     Simple edits can be made on a page simply by clicking the “Edit this page” button at the top or bottom of the page. Simply find the part of the page you wish to edit, and start typing.
     Click “Preview” to look at your changes, or “Save” to accept them.
     You should write a very short note in the “Edit Summary” box, describing the nature of your edit (such as “added information on using prescribed burning”).
     Many formatting choices are available to you by clicking the little “quickbuttons” above the text entry window.
     Create a page by first editing a page that will link to the new page. Add an “internal link” using the little chain quickbutton. Then view the page and click your new link.
     The commonly used, special characters ™ and ® are made using:
(tm) and (r)
     While subscripts and superscripts are achieved this way:
subscripts and superscripts

Guide to Advanced Edits

The syntax for Invasipedia is “DokuWiki”, which is both simple and rich. It allows for features such as tables, superscripts, commenting, etc. You can learn about these features here. Play and Experiment

Feel free to goof around and experiment with making edits. But instead of experimenting upon real documents, it is recommended you test features new to you on the playground page. Managing Conflicts and Playing Well with Others

If you see something that you disagree with, try to correct it by contributing additional information instead of simply deleting the new contribution. For example, if you see a statement that you disagree with, such as:

“This species can be managed by fire”,

instead of deleting it, add to it by changing it to incorporate your knowledge:

“It has been suggested this species can be managed by fire, but experiments in Alabama, Kentucky, Great Britain, and Cardassia all indicate that fire serves only to stimulate massive germination of the seed bank (Anderson 1997; Rice 2001; Tu 1988).”

If you discover that your contributions have been reversed or damaged by some other editor, and you think the damage to your contributions should be undone, use the Old Revisions tab to determine the identity of the person making the changes. Then, communicate directly with them in order to seek resolution. Wikipedia has a number of good pages on how to manage wiki-conflicts:

     Wikipedia: etiquette
     Wikipedia: edit wars

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           A left-side navigation bar.
           A comments section for the bottom of each species treatment to add anecdotal information.
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