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This article provides some basic guidelines and a standard format for diagnostic tests in the Diagnostician's cookbook. I highly recommend copying over the example listed at the bottom when you start a new recipe. It will most likely be easier than starting from scratch.

Basic guidelines

  • All measurements should be in metric

Starting template

This is the standard template for diagnostic tests in the Diagnostician's Cookbook. To use it, Highlight the contents of the shaded box, copy it, and paste it in the new article for the test.

What does the test do and what does is discern between


#First Step
#Second Step
#Third Step
#Fourth Step

==Expected results==


Precautions, handling notes or other considerations

*Any original references for the test. The idea for this template was originally created by Robert Wick, Virgina Tech
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==Contributed by==
The name of the person contributing the test in case there are questions (preferably linked to their user account (i.e. [[User:NAME|Display Name]].

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This wiki Template contributed by Joe LaForest. He will be glad to help you edit it to meet your needs.

Example: KOH test


For identification of Gram (-) bacteria. This test replaces the Gram stain. It is much quicker and easier to perform than the traditional Gram stain. It is just as accurate.


  • Microscope slide
  • Toothpick
  • 3% KOH


  1. Place one drop of 3% KOH on a microscope slide
  2. With a toothpick, transfer a generous amount of bacteria to the drop of KOH.
  3. Stir
  4. Raise and lower toothpick off slide

Expected results

  • KOH + (Gram -);bacteria will be viscous and form a mucoid string in 15 sec.
  • KOH - (Gram +);bacteria do not become viscous or form mucoid strings in 15 sec.


  • Use 24-48 hr cultures
  • It is a good idea to use + and - controls
  • KOH should be fresh. Discard any bottles with a white precipitate.
  • Coryneform bacteria can be Gram variable as cultures age.


  • Suslow, T. V., M. N Schroth, and M. Isaka. 1982. Application of a rapid method for Gram differentiation of plant pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria without staining. Phytopathology 72: 917 918.

Contributed by

From the Virginia Tech Mediabook; Orignially created by Robert Wick; contributed by Mary Ann Hansen