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IPMLite Available for Download Starting June 10 at 1 pm

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Consumers: Home landscaping enthusiasts, Master Gardeners, Garden Club members, etc. IPMLite is for you!

IPMLite is a one-of-a-kind app developed by 7 universities to provide you with the best and most current home landscape information. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) means taking care of plants to avoid pest problems and managing those pest problems that do arise in a way that minimizes chemical use. IPMLite is the best way to access sound, unbiased information for taking care of your landscape plants while you are in your yard doing what you love! From when and how to plant and prune, to managing major insects, mites, and diseases, IPMLite shows homeowners how to have healthy landscapes with images and concise, to-the-point text. Information on identifying pests, disease symptoms, pest lifecycle, and preventing and managing common landscape pests is included. IPMLite also sends you alerts, letting you know just the right time to be on the lookout for each pest, coinciding with pest emergence in your area, and the ideal time for each plant care task. Bonus weed control content is also included! IPMLite makes it easy to have a beautiful, sustainable landscape!

IPMLite is the home gardener version of IPMPro. IPMPro is for nursery and landscape professionals and contains the added features of pesticide recommendations and electronic pesticide recordkeeping.

IPMLite is designed for zone 4-9 in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Imagine having a leading expert send you a text to alert you about pests as they emerge and time-sensitive cultural tasks! Built by leading horticulture and pest management professionals, IPMLite is like having an expert with you on the job every day!

Available now for iPhone, iPad, and Android

IPMLite can provide you with:

  • Major pest and cultural practices reference at your finger tips!
  • Automatic text-like alerts for time-sensitive pest issues and cultural practices -alert date adjusted specifically for your location!
  • Viewable as a calendar or chronological list of action items for easy reference!
  • Contains images, pest lifecycle, and management options for major pests of woody plants!
  • BONUS Weed content!

Recommendations for control of weeds, insects, and diseases are available for IPMPro app users.

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IPM''Lite'' Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the link above to find answers to the questions below:

Who should download the IPMLite?

In what states is it most applicable?

Why do I have to fill in information when I download the app.?

How do I receive the text-like alerts (push notifications)?

Why do the alerts come at 4:00PM pm and on the weekends?

Can I change when the alerts occur?

Will the alerts cost money?

How are the entomology alert dates derived?

What do the bars in the calendar mean?

For More Information

Email Amy at IPMLiteApp@utk.edu

Thank you for your interest in IPMLite.


The Development Team

Tennessee (Lead Institution)

Amy Fulcher (Lead Developer), University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Department of Plant Sciences

Frank Hale, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Soil, Plant and Pest Center

William Klingeman, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Department of Plant Sciences

Alan Windham, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Soil, Plant and Pest Center


Kris Braman, The University of Georgia, Department of Entomology

Matthew Chappell, The University of Georgia, Horticulture Department

Jean Williams-Woodward (Lead Plant Pathology Developer), The University of Georgia, Department of Plant Pathology


Winston Dunwell, UK Research & Education Center


Stanton Gill, University of Maryland, Central Maryland UME

Karen Rane, University of Maryland Plant Diagnostic

North Carolina

Craig Adkins, North Carolina State University, Agricultural Resource Center

Steven Frank, North Carolina State University, Department of Entomology

Anthony LeBude, Horticultural Science Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center (MHCREC)

Joe Neal, North Carolina State University, Department of Horticultural Science

South Carolina

Juang-Horng (J.C.) Chong (Lead Entomology Developer), Pee Dee Research and Education Center

Sarah White (Lead Horticulture Developer), Clemson University, School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences


Jeff Derr, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Hampton Roads Ag. Res. and Ext. Center

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