Safflower Cercospora Leaf Spot

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Author: Howard F. Schwartz and David H. Gent

P. cichorii
Scientific Name
Pseudomonas cichorii
(Swingle 1925) Stapp 1928
Common Names and Diseases
bacterial leaf spot, bacterial blight

Identification and Life Cycle

Cercospora leaf spot of safflower is caused by the fungus Cercospora carthami. The disease cycle is initiated when wind-blown or water-splashed conidia land on safflower and germinate in the presence of free moisture. The fungus infects plant parts through natural openings, wounds, or by direct penetration. Heavy and continuous early morning dew or other free moisture is essential for infection, and disease is most severe during warm, moist weather. The Cercospora leaf spot pathogen is disseminated by wind, water-splashing, and movement of infested plant material. The pathogen survives between safflower crops in and on infested crop debris, and perhaps as a pathogen on weeds.

Plant Response and Damage

Cercospora leaf spot symptoms can develop at any stage of plant growth, and appear as round to irregularly-shaped brown spots. Lesions are slightly sunken and often have concentric rings and a yellow margin. Diseased leaves may become mis-shapen and often have interveinal necrosis. Grayish sporulation by the pathogen is apparent during moist weather. Bracts, stems, nodes, and flower buds can also be infected. Seed is not produced in infected flower buds. The disease is of minor concern in the High Plains region, and generally does not require management.

Management Approaches

Biological Control

No biological control strategies have been developed for Cercospora leaf spot.

Cultural Control

Few specific cultural control strategies have been developed for Cercospora leaf spot. . Crop rotations of three-years or longer to non-hosts (small grains or corn), thorough incorporation of crop debris, and avoidance of overhead and excessive irrigation will likely reduce the incidence and severity of Cercospora leaf spot.

Chemical Control

Chemical controls are not necessary for Cercospora leaf spot management.

Product List for Cercospora Leaf Spot:

Pesticide Product per Acre Application Frequency (days) Remarks
Trilogy 2 pt 7-14 days Maximum of 2 gallons; 0 day PHI

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