Insects and Diseases of Cottonwood

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Morris, R.C.; Filer, T.H.; Solomon, J.D.; McCracken, Francis I.; Overgaard, N.A.; Weiss, M.J. Insects and Diseases of Cottonwood. New Orleans, LA. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service; Southern Forest Experiment Station; State and Private Forestry Southeastern Area. Gen. Tech. Rep. SO-8. 1975. 41 p.

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Insects and disease organisms are a continuing threat to cottonwood (Populus deltoides Bartr.), especially during the tree’s first 5 years. The danger is intensified in large plantings of a single species and age because rapid buildup of damaging agents can occur. This booklet, will help forest nurserymen and plantation managers identify and control pest problems. The major insects and diseases are illustrated; and information on their importance, signs of infestation, biology, and natural control is presented. Brief mention is made of other pests which may be of local or sporadic concern.

A list of registered chemical controls is also provided. This list is subject to change as new materials are approved, and revisions will be made available at periodic intervals.

For further information, contact your State forester, county agent, or the nearest office of State and Private Forestry, U. S. Forest Service.

Morris, Filer, Solomon, and McCracken are stationed at the Southern Hardwoods Laboratory, which is maintained at Stoneville, Mississippi, by the Southern Forest Experiment Station in cooperation with the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and the Southern Hardwood Forest Research Group. Overgaard and Weiss are members of the Forest Pest Management Group, Southeastern Area. State and Private Forestry.