Agrostemma githago

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Agrostemma githago is an erect, annual herb with silky-haired and slender stems. It is native to Europe.
The simple leaves are opposite. They are long, narrow and pointed at the tip.
Flowers are held singly at the top of a long stalk with 5 pink to purple petals. Five pointed sepals extend past the edge of the flower. It blooms through the summer.
The fruits of Agrostemma githago are capsules that each contain numerous black, pitted seeds.
Ecological Threat
Agrostemma githago has naturalized in North America. It is usually found in disturbed areas, cultivated grain fields and disturbed sites. Seeds of Agrostemma githago can be a contaminant of wheat, oats, and ground corn. Modern agricultural practices have reduced the populations of this plant.